How a Limo Company Charges its Clients: Beginner’s Guide?

Who doesn’t wish to travel around in a stylish limousine? It does not matter if you want a ride to the airport or you have to go to an event, such as your friend’s wedding. You can book the limo services for all such occasions to travel in style. There is a misconception among a group of people that it is very expensive to hire a limo service. However, the reality is completely different.

If you are going to receive someone very special at the airport, then considering the services of an airport black car in Alexandria VA could be the best option for you. You can impress the person who is very important to you. Do not worry about the service rates because they are affordable now if you know what the reasonable rates should be.

Know How a Limo Company Charges

If you want to hire a limo for the airport in Alexandria VA, or if you need a luxury limousine for any other event, then it becomes important to know how a limo company charges its clients. Let us take a brief look at the pricing.

  1. Understanding the Whole Price

Each company that offers limo services will have its own pricing policy. Therefore, before hiring a limo from any company, it is important to compare the services and rates of other company as well. This will give you an overview of your total expenditure and the average cost of flat rate or hourly rate limo in Alexandria VA.

  1. Taxes are Included

Every limo company includes the government taxes into their rates. The rates of the taxes may differ from state-to-state. Driver tips are also an essential factor to keep in mind.

  1. Hourly Pricing

Some companies charge their customers on the hourly basis.  They have fixed a rate of one hour so you would have to pay according to the hours you used. Hourly prices can also be generated by the estimated time of one destination to another.

Additional Fees

The price for your ride depends on the drop-off and pick up location. Sometimes, the time of search can also be included. After the ride is completed, your bill will be in two amounts:

  • Actual ride price
  • Extras

Ride price is the price that a company charges for a full package. The extras can be:

  • Tolls

Tolls are not included in the bill. If the car passes through a toll, then the price will be included in your bill along with ride amount in the extras.

  • Stops

A limo company will charge you from your pickup location to your destination. Any stops other than these locations can be charged separately. On an hourly basis, the company will not charge you for the stops.

  • Parking

The parking fee should also be included in your bill.

  • Extra Hours

The company will charge you for any additional time besides of booking.

  • Cleaning and Repair Fees

Cleaning charges apply when the activity inside the car leaves a residual odor or stains. Repair charges can also be included for any physical damage to the car by the customer.

Now that you have learned how a limo service company charges its clients, you can rest assured that no company should over bill you, whenever you are going to hire a limo service for any of your events.