What is Underpinning? How to Repair Foundations?

In construction or renovation, underpinning is the process of strengthening the foundation of an existing building or other structure. This process may be necessary for a variety of reasons, like when the original foundation is simply not strong or stable enough. In addition, foundation or house underpinning in Washington DC may be a necessary requirement for older and aged houses or buildings.

When Does a House Need Underpinning?

Unstable and weak foundation can lead your home or building to a serious financial damage or life loss. Judging the need of underpinning in Washington DC is not a difficult thing to get. You can notice many signs and symptoms that will tell you that the building foundation is no more stable. Delaying this can be damaging to the security of you and your family in the following cases:

  • Bent doors and windows
  • Splits in exterior walls
  • Gaps near windows, doors, ventilators, or entry points
  • Distorted and cracked floors

Foundation underpinning in Washington DC

How to Repair Foundations of a Building

The following are the different methods of foundation underpinning in Washington DC:

  • Mass concrete method (pit method)
  • Underpinning by cantilever needle beam method
  • Pier and beam method
  • Mini piled method
  • Pile method
  • Pre-test method

The methods vary based on the age of structure and types of works involved.

Structure Categories Based On Age:

  • Ancient Structures: Age greater than 150 years
  • Recent Structures: Age between 50 – 150 years
  • Modern Structure: Age less than 50 years

foundation underpinning in Washington DC.jpg

Benefits of Hiring Professional House Underpinning in Washington DC

Foundation underpinning in Washington DC requires professional and experienced service. It is not an easy job that every of a builder or contractor can do. Professional technicians can do this hefty task for you with a skilled and competent approach.

  • They provide you the detailed building evaluation:

A professional member will give you a thorough evaluation and inspection of your home or building. He will examine the apparent symptoms and the foundation to know what to do and how. He gives you the required services according to the age of the building, materials used in it, and the current weather conditions.


  • Restore your building to the previous healthy condition:

Whether the building structure needs conversion work, or protection, or curative work, professionals adopt the right approach. With the right strategy and method, they will restore your building to the pre-underpinning state.

Safety and security:

A professional house underpinning Washington DC service provider offers you safety and security which the first and foremost rather one of the basic lodging requirement for any person and family. Safety and security can never be compromised and at any cost.


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