An Account of the Most Ill-Planned Move in the History of Time

I live in Chevy Chase MD and I am the sort of person who only learns from my own mistakes. You might have heard a thousand times before that a move is supposed to be a well-planned scenario. Especially, if you want it to go smoothly, I thought so too. I paid no heed to any of the precautions my friends told me to take and ended up being in a bad mess.

I would tell you everything from the beginning but as you might have figured out already, I am a very lazy person. So let me just begin from a week before the move day when I could be seen taking long relaxing showers and eating cereal right from the box.

moving services Chevy Chase MD

I am a procrastinator, needless to say, and I had no idea how bad that could be bad for me until this happened. Some people I told this story to thought it was funny while others have given me an appreciation for being the worst person any moving service Chevy Chase MD has could have managed.

I started packing my things two days before the move because I had a lot of time, or so I thought. Therefore, I was packing my belongings and I ran out of packing tape and was short of packing boxes. I had to hurry to a movers Chevy Chase MD company to get moving supplies. I was desperate and I go them at a higher price. The curse had begun. I was out of time and had to stuff my clothes into boxes hurriedly. If you think this was not a problem, you should have been there when I was unpacking.

Move House

I thought I would rent a hauling truck and had already made a booking with a moving service Chevy Chase MD had because my friend made sure I did not forget. So I waited for the truck to arrive and when it did not I called the hauling service. To my dismay, and to your amusement, I had made a booking for the wrong day. I managed to move my booking to the same day and they charged extra money for giving me urgent services. I was hoping this was my last mistake but life is not rainbows and butterflies.

Finally, after loading everything on the truck the moving began. It was a local move so we were still in the city. Ten minutes after we had begun our commute I got that tingly feeling that something was missing. Then suddenly it hit me, I had forgotten my pet dog, Olive!

That poor soul was all alone in my empty old apartment. I told the movers Chevy Chase MD truck driver to pull back because I could not leave him there. This wasted a lot of time for me and delayed all plans.

When we reached the destination site, I started unloading the truck while Olive made himself comfortable in the new apartment. Since I had not hired proper labor from a moving service Chevy Chase MD had, it took me a while. I started unpacking only to find out that I had forgotten so many things at my old apartment and I will probably never see them again. Moreover, I had not changed my shipping date and everything kept going to the old apartment for a month before I sorted it out.moving services Chevy Chase MD

By this time, I had concluded that hiring a professional mover was the right way to go. I had some great options like Movers on Duty that a friend recommended. It would have been easy and I would have had a lot of time to procrastinate while they worked. If only I had opted to hire moving services!


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